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Customer Service–The Key to Your Business Growth

Posted by Priyanka Thakur on Apr 10, 2017 12:03:58 pm

It is safe to say that today’s business world is customer driven. The new age customers are more learned and informed than those of twentieth century who would seldom consider customer reviews, compare prices and evaluate exaggerated claims when it came to buying products. Today, customers have become demanding and commanding. They want products and services worth the time and resource that they are putting in to acquire them. Thi... Read more>>

The Need of the Hour: Outsource Your Process to Generate Prospective Leads

Posted by Priyanka Thakur on Apr 04, 2017 06:32:57 pm

It goes without saying that the economy of developing nations is thriving. And, it has surely had a positive impact on the global market. Over the last five years or so, the global market has become more competitive. The cut-throat competition in market has worked as a catalyst for businesses to constantly formulate new methods to innovate and improve their sales pitch. Devoid of a strong and quality sales pitch, it is impossible for a ... Read more>>

Market Segmentation: The Art of Selling More to Few

Posted by Rishabh Arora on Mar 24, 2017 03:51:59 pm

Market segmentation can emerge as a decisive marketing strategy. Its primary objective is identifying and delineating market segments or a specific set of buyers that can become prospects or targets for company’s long term market plans. The major benefit of marketing management is that it is useful in devising a technique that divides total demand into large homogenous segments that can be identified by visualizing some common tra... Read more>>

How is Motivation a Key Factor in Call Centres?

Posted by Rishabh Arora on Mar 21, 2017 03:00:32 pm

Many industry experts will agree that it is difficult to maintain high levels of productivity from their employees over a period of time. It has been as a constant challenge to keep the workforce motivated. This fact is especially true when we put the call centre industry in the limelight. It has often been witnessed that many organisations turn to material perks like bonuses, free lunches etc. in the hope of making their employees happ... Read more>>

The Upcoming Definition of Leadership From BPO’s Perspective

Posted by Rishabh Arora on Mar 18, 2017 03:22:27 pm

The industry has witnessed a profound shift from predictable to unpredictable demand: from push to pull mechanism. It must be noted that markets have changed dramatically in recent times. The investment community is asking for a much more differentiated and sustainable solutions to growth creation. Underneath this demand, the outsourcing industry has witnessed a radical growth in its style of leadership. This paradigm shift from push... Read more>>

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