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How do Help Desk Call Centres improve First Response Time?

Posted by Rahul Garg on Nov 14, 2018 03:51:09 pm

In this customer-centric world, most of the organisations avail call centres services from reputed BPO firms so that impeccable resolutions could be delivered promptly. And providing satisfactory solutions is extremely important because customers generally stay connected with that company that offers unparalleled support service swiftly. Hence, it is crystal-clear that companies can keep customers’ loyalty and trust as long as ... Read more>>

Top 4 Pre-Employment Background Check delusions that Job Seekers have

Posted by Rahul Garg on Nov 06, 2018 12:56:08 pm

Nowadays, pre-employment background screening is deemed as one of the crucial parts of the hiring process because the resume falsification rate has been increasing with every passing day. If industry reports are anything to go by, 58% of job candidates carry forged documents while attending an interview in the company. Business owners are also acquainted with this fact, and that’s why they often decide to avail employment verif... Read more>>

How to create reliable Telemarketing Scripts for better Sales Results?

Posted by Rahul Garg on Nov 01, 2018 03:37:29 pm

In the telemarketing world, a meaningful dialogue with prospects is everything. For this, it is paramount to have an automatic dialer system and a team of diligent telesales agents. Apart from these, there is one other thing that is vitally important for the high sales conversion rate; “Reliable telemarketing scripts.” That’s why telemarketing companies invest a huge amount of money in the hiring process so that pro... Read more>>

Why do Business Owners avail 24/7 Answering Service from BPO Firms?

Posted by Rahul Garg on Oct 29, 2018 04:36:46 pm

“I consider each customer as a family member who deserves nothing but the best service.” —Tammy Toh In this era, it is extremely important to offer unmatched support service because customers want to be the part of that company which brings impeccable solutions to the table at the time of need. Owing to this, the demand for BPO firms’ services gets snowballed because they ... Read more>>

3 prodigious B2C Lead Generation Strategies to fill the Sales Funnel

Posted by Rahul Garg on Oct 16, 2018 05:42:29 pm

To keep the business evolving, it is prominent to ensure that the sales funnel is fully loaded with the qualified leads. Here, organisations have only two options — generate leads on your own or approach a reputed outbound call centre to avail lead generation services. Generally, business owners go with the second option because they know that the lead generation process can consume a lot of time and money. Besides, it has alwa... Read more>>

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