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Ted is a young doctor who buys a laptop for his personal use. He calls up the customer service call centrenumber of his laptop manufacturer to help him with the installation process of various software in his laptop. His call is connected to an inbound customer service executive who listens to his request with care and helps him in the process. In addition, the customer support agent advisesTed to install a good anti-virus software on his new laptop. He guides Ted to buya good anti-virus pack online and gets it installed on his laptop. After successfully installing all necessary softwareand an anti-virus on his new laptop, Ted thanks the customer support executive for his support. Ted was happy with the quality of customer support provided by the laptop manufacturer and promised to recommend the same laptop to his friends as and when they decided to buy a new laptop.

The above example illustrates how efficient customer support can lead to high customer satisfaction and differentiate a brand from competition. Good customer support is a highly potent tool that can be used by organizations to build a positive reputation for its products and services and drive business growth. The objective of efficient support service is to help customers make efficient use of products or services purchased by them. It includes delivering several customer facing services right from the point where a consumer purchases a product or service till the end of the end of its lifecycle. These include guidance and assistance in product installation or service initiation, regular maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting, technical support amongst others.

Modern day consumers expect instant resolution for the products and services they invest in. Slack customer support on behalf of the product or service provider can lead to bad customer experience and hurt reputation of the brand in the market. Therefore it is critical for businesses to invest in providing efficient customer support services for its consumers.

A recent study conducted by a leading consultancy in United Kingdom provided some interesting insights on the importance of customer care services for organization. Highlights of these survey were

  • 76% of consumers viewed customer service as the true test of how much a company values them
  • 60% of UK consumers preferred a balance of price and service and will not accept low service levels in exchange for a lower priced product
  • 62% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand or organisation due to a poor customer service experience.

Unfortunately, businesses often fail to comprehend the long-term benefits of efficient customer care service as it does not guarantee immediate business outcomes. What has been more unfortunate is that most companies across the UK are content with low quality of their customer care servicesconsidering it as a non-core function. It exposesa company to multiple risks that include financial and reputational loss, decision makers must embrace customer service outsourcing.

Outsourcing customer service function to a reliable, trusted, and competent call centre can help youshape business future in the most convenient way. Call centre customer service providers can help your business by offering value-driven customer support services.This not only helps you accomplish non-core functions quite competently, but also ensures enhanced reputation in the competitive marketplace.

Why customer service outsourcingmakes sense

Considering the significance of customer support services, it is imperative for organisations to offer efficient customer care services to their consumers round-the-clock. Although this may sound simple, it is not easy to achieve. It requires a distinct level of proficiency to manage all the tasks and business functions associated with offering immaculate 24 x 7customer care services. In many instances, businesses end up making huge investments, only to realiseafterwards that they could not competently offer competent customer call centreservices to their clients.

To protect your business from such undesirable outcomes, it is therefore advisable to choose a third-party customer service outsourcing provider. Outsourcing customer service to a trusted customer service call centre can help you manage, monitor, and perform customer call centreservices cost-efficiently and conveniently. Besides this, there are plenty of benefits associated with outsourced customer services that further compel you to opt for customer service outsourcing.

Benefits of customer service outsourcing:

  • Enriching customer experience
  • Immaculate presales/post-sale services
  • Increased cost-efficiency related to call centrecustomer service functions
  • Enhanced efficiency of call centre customer service
  • Round-the-clock customer support services
  • More time to focus on key competencies
  • Enhanced reputation in markets
  • Proactive customer care services
  • Increased customer retention and customer acquisition capabilities
  • Efficient customer referral programs, customer advocacy, and customer loyalty programs

Go4customerCustomer support services

Go4customer offers a wide range of outbound and inbound customer services that can help you ensure efficient support to your valuable customers. Our inbound customer services are:

  • Virtual receptionist services
  • Query handling services
  • Information request services
  • Customer services
  • Sales lead qualification and closure services
  • Product recall management services
  • Technical troubleshooting services
  • Directory inquiry services
  • Order booking services
  • Insurance claims processing services
  • Appointment scheduling services
  • Customer help desk services
  • Order entry services
  • Inbound sales services
  • Job dispatch services
  • cheduling sales demos services
  • Rebate/claim processing services
  • Medical answering services
  • Subscription services
  • Event scheduling services

Why choose Go4customer?

Go4customer is a leading name in the customer service outsourcing industry in United Kingdom, and helps various global businesses, SMEs, blue chip companies and consultancy firms in performing and managing their call centre customer services. Our exhaustive customer service acumen, industry-wide experience, and pool of cordial, knowledgeable, and skilled customer care executives can help you improve your business reputation quite conveniently.

Our bespoke inbound customer service and proactive outbound support service can help your business scale new heights of success. We offer a wide range of outsourced customer services through various efficient communication channels, and those are:

  • Voice-based outbound/inbound customer service
  • Live chat call centre customer service
  • Email-centric outsourced customer service
  • Remote customer support services for technical issues
  • Customer care services through social media

To ensure efficient call centre customer service, we not only employ proficient executives but also train them comprehensively. Our training sessions focus on educating the executives about the significance of developing insightful, enriching, and cordial conversations with customers. We also ensure appropriate dissemination of business information, while offering unmatched quality of support service.

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