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Order Taking Services

Never miss a call from customers. Never let a business opportunity go in vain

When customers contact your business to place an order, it is undeniably a golden opportunity to express them how much you value their patronage. If these calls are routed to automated answering machines, or if these calls go unanswered, then your business is at the verge of ruining prospects. That highlights the significance of ensuring value-driven order booking provision in business. If your business firm lacks efficiency and competency to ensure the same, then you must acquire order taking call centre services from Go4customer.

Go4customer has extended industry-wide experience of handling, managing, and monitoring order processing services of global clientele. Our solution has helped businesses realise their sales objectives competently. We can proficiently handle, manage and monitor all of your order entry, order processing, and order cancellation functions. Equipped with fully web-integrated tools and having in-depth order processing and tracking insights, Go4customer promises to help you maintain a seamless sales channel and unblemished customer support that can help you capitalise on every sales opportunity.

Start offshoring your order taking services to Go4customer to let your business achieve new heights of success.

Benefits of our Order Taking Services

  • Accurate, precise and thorough order capture
  • Immaculate order entry and processing process
  • Efficient monitoring of order entry, processing, and fulfillment service
  • Decreased waiting times and average call duration
  • Proficient order tracking and delivery status
  • Uninterrupted support provisions
  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer delight
  • Enhanced revenues through cross-selling and up-selling services
  • Exceptional ability to handle high volume of phone traffic
  • State-of-the-art office infrastructure

Our Key differentiators

Talented resource pool

Go4customer employs proficient marketing professionals who can value each call as sales opportunity. These professionals leave no stone unturned to improve the sales graph of clients.

Web-integrated solution

Go4customer offers web-integrated solution in order to streamline the sales and fulfillment channels. This also ensures immaculate monitoring of order processing and order tracking service, which is a success-driven sales strategy.

Scripted up-sell and cross-sell techniques

Our professionals follow well-scripted up-sell and cross-sell techniques to help clients make the most of each sales opportunity. This helps clients in promoting their diverse range of offerings in an adept manner.

Customisable plans

Go4customer offers customisable and flexible solutions which help in meeting unique business requirements of clients adeptly. Importantly, you can modify our scope of services as per your dynamic business needs whenever a need arises.

Extensive process specific training sessions

We train our professionals extensively to help them develop deep insights on process specific requirements, which further paves ways for excellent order entry, processing, and fulfillment solutions that can reinforce customer relationship.

FAQ support

Our professionals timely update and modify the FAQ scripts in order to offer first call resolution to customers. We are proficient in handling all the front-line customer queries and delivering increased customer satisfaction.

Why businesses should offshore order taking services?

In the highly digitalized business world, consumers can explore about various products and services that best suit their needs. Before, investing in diverse business offerings or placing an order for the products/services of their choices, millennials prefer to develop insightful conversations with company representatives from the confines of their home, at a time of their choice. Therefore, companies employ knowledgeable and proficient sales representatives to render uninterrupted services to customers through telephone. To make this sales specific function more proficient, most businesses prefer to avail professional order taking call centre solutions.

Performing, managing, and monitoring all the functions related to order entry, processing, and fulfillment is a cumbersome task, and businesses often lack competency, acumen, and skills to ensure all those in as cost-effective manner as possible. Moreover, it is not a cost-efficient business approach as it requires huge operational and infrastructural investments. On the other hand, partnering a professional service provider in this industry helps businesses in accomplishing all the functions related to order entry, processing, and fulfillment competently and cost-efficiently.

Therefore, businesses must not let inept order taking services spoil the sales opportunities coming their way, and should willingly avail outsourced solutions from a trusted name. At Go4customer, we are committed to help you streamline your sales channel, without being concerned about your operational and infrastructural expenditures. Our order taking call centre services can bring comprehensive success to your sales strategy and customer service approach.

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