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Third Party Verification Services

Authentic and verified data is an essential pre-requisite for organizations to gain deeper insights into their business. It helps them in planning effective strategies to achieve their stated business goals as well as devise customized services and solutions according to evolving market needs. In the past few years, the importance of data for organizations have led to an increasing demand for third party verification service providers. Organizations understand that the insights they derive from their data are crucial. As such, most organizations employ the services of an established third party verification services provider to authenticate their data.

Go4customer provides immaculate and efficient third party verification services. Our team of trained and experienced professionals adeptly understand your data verification services needs and offer solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our third party verification services help you in making rational, proficient, and result-oriented strategies which enables you to develop stronger sales pipelines, reinforce relationship with customers, and maximize your revenue generation capabilities.

We are a trusted name in the industry and have successfully helped organizations in diverse industry verticals, such as finance, healthcare, telecommunications amongst others in achieving their business goals competently with our best-in-class data verification services

Types of data verification services offered by Go4customer

Employment verification services

Our employment verification services are predominantly focused on detailed background verification of new recruits by companies. In the current volatile political environment, organizations cannot afford to hire an employee with a questionable or criminal background. Our proficiently-trained verification agents thoroughly verify and validate the personal, professional, educational and social details shared by job applicants and new recruits in order to confirm their reliability and competency. It helps clients stay safe from unreliable, unskilled or fake applicants. Our deep knowledge of employment verification services have been used by clients of various sizes to streamline their recruitment function.

Customer verification services

Our customer verification services helps clients in assessing customer authenticity and stability, which can guarantee flawless product delivery and collection services. Customer data verification also helps in collecting, assimilating, and processing a comprehensive range of information related to customers' socio-economic statures, which can be utilized to incorporate efficient business strategies.

Vendor verification services

Our vendor verification services aid business firms in evaluating the competency, reputation, and reliability of their third party service providers. Our professionals help businesses by verifying the details of testimonials shared by outside vendors and third party service providers. This helps clients in distancing themselves from fake, inexperienced, or unreliable service providers or vendors.

Why Go4customer?

We understand the significance of authentic data for your business, and therefore employ highly proficient data verification agents who can examine the data of your employees, customers, and clients proficiently. Our agents walk that extra mile to deliver highly immaculate third party verification services for businesses in diverse domains.

Customized Services

As different businesses have diverse requirements and specifications, Go4customer ensures that third party verification services offered to clients stand tall on their distinct business expectations. Our experts can adeptly integrate your business requirements with standard data verification protocols to ensure favorable results. We ensure that our call scripts include all the relevant questions that your business firm is interested in gaining data about. Not only this, we also have the policy of generating comprehensive reports that can help you in keeping a close eye on your mission-critical data verification services.

Technology Tools

We use various technology tools and software which enable us to conduct, manage, and monitor our third party verification functions immaculately. The use of such tools by our agents ensure the data verification services offered by us to our clients are performed with utmost proficiency. It helps in minimizing the scope of errors in data base collation and verification. It also aids in keeping a tab on operational expenditures, and enables us to offer cost-efficient third party data verification services.

Multilingual support

Language barriers can potentially limit a business firm's growth and expansion capability. Therefore, we offer multilingual support provisions to our clients that ensure effective data verification services. Our agents can develop enriching conversations with people in diverse geographical realms. This helps you in making your business more approachable and accessible to diverse types of communities. Multilingual support provisions can enable your business organizations to competently verify different types of data and information. This can further give a competitive edge to your business.

Robust security measures

Ensuring data security is the backbone of our business. We follow robust security measures to safeguard your data from any unethical attempts or intentions focused at bringing harm to your data. Our highly secured business infrastructure, in conjunction with best-in breed security measures ensure that client data is protected against all kinds of data leak, theft, or data loss.

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