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In the past decade, internet has emerged as a cost-effective platform to perform several business specific functions, such as marketing, advertising, and selling products and services to consumers worldwide. Besides this, it has also helped businesses in managing and monitoring their customer services in a cost-efficient way. To avail the most ofthis technology as well as to add value-driven aspects to their offerings, global giants as well as startups and SMEs are currentlycollaborating with efficient web-enabled call centre service providers.

Web-enabled call centre services ensure enhanced competency to businesses as it relates to accomplishing critical functions, such as marketing, customer service, data management, and process evaluation. Besides this, web-enabled call centre services also help businesses in offering personalised, quick, and immaculate services to their clients, customers, as well as in-house employees. Therefore, businesses must prudently collaborate with a trusted web-enabled call centre.

At Go4customer we offera one-stop solution for all your web-enabled call centre needs. Our immaculate web-enabled call centre management system helps global clients, SMEs and blue chip companies in accomplishing their mission-critical online business functions efficiently. With over 12 years of industry-wide experience, Go4customer enjoys a respectable stature in the web-enabled call centre industry and is entirely committed to outperforming the SLAs to help clients drive business bottom lines.

Collaborate with Go4customer to procure the benefits of web-enabled call centre services.

What is a web-enabled call centre service?

Web-enabled call centre services can be defined as a coordinated system of internet technologies, business strategies, and support executives which helps organisations in streamlining mission-critical functions. Web-enabled call centre services enable businesses to render online care and support provisions to ensure enriching customer engagement methods. Owing to incessant demands of web-enabled customer call centre service, it has emerged as an industry in itself which focuses on contact centre management.Web-enabled call centres help companies in managing, monitoring, and accomplishing their contact centre operations.

Web-enabled call centre services offered by Go4customer

As one the leading web-enabled call centres in the United Kingdom, Go4customer offers a wide array of cloud-basedcall centre services which can ensure a top-level contact centre management system. The cloud-based services offered by the web-enabled call centre can ensure timely analysis ofbusiness statistics, performance of live agents, and efficiency of online business initiatives. Some of our highly-acclaimed web-enabled call centre solutions are:

  • Live chat support
  • Internet-based research
  • Market trend monitoring
  • Online marketing, promotion, advertisement
  • Social media feedback analysis
  • Social media trend services
  • Email support services
  • Email follow up services
  • Quality monitoring of inbound/outbound call centre services
  • Integration of inbound/outbound call centre services
  • Online Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Remote takeover (for technical troubleshooting)
  • Data management
  • Instant messaging services
  • IVR-based call routing

Unique features of Go4customer’s web-enabled call centre services

Real time analytics

Go4customer usesstate-of-the-art technologies to ensure real time analysis and reporting.We are also committed to delivering real time data integration and real-time business intelligence.

Predictive dialler

By using predictive dialler, Go4customer helps businesses in saving the valuable time of their customer care representatives. This helps in enhancing the overall productivity significantly.


By offering cloud-based, web-enabled call centre services, we ensure clients that they can scale up or scale down their outsourced processes as per dynamic business requirements.


Our web-enabled call centre services are in compliance with industry specific guidelines as well as global recommendations to help you ensure value-centric services to customers worldwide.

CLI localisation

Go4customer’s highly-appreciated Calling Line Identification (CLI) localisation feature can help you penetrate deep in target market by displaying the area codes local to your prospects.

100% voice recording

To help clients keep a track of web enabled call centre services, we ensure 100% voice recordings, and store those recordings in searchable, sortable, and structured database.

Scientific data management

To proficiently manage and monitor the information lifecycle needs of clients, Go4customer implements scientific data management approach.This ensures timely recycling of business database.


Go4customer is one of the renowned web-enabled call centres that helps businesses by offering highly proficient web-enabled customer call centre services. Our custom-built web-enabled call centre services help businesses in:

  • Streamlining process specific functions
  • Reducing overall capital and operational expenditures
  • Enhancing ROI significantly
  • Increasing overall business efficiency
  • Enriching customer engagement methods

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