What is Caller ID?

This is a facility where your callers’ phone number, calling link, calling line identification etc. is noted easily. It is helpful for agents as they can track the repetitive calls and can also note down the customers’ area of query and interest for future references. Although one should not be fully dependent on its service as it is not reliable and can lead to false information. Therefore, it is advised to avoid emphasizing on it totally.


How do Multilingual Call Centres help Global Brands?

At the present time, every company wants to establish its business in the global market as that’s how mammoth profit levels can be secured. However, handling customers globally isn&rsquo....

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Pros and Cons of Outsourced Call Centre Services!

<p>Which is correct, to outsource or not to outsource? This is the most frequently asked question by several businesses even today! Although, with increasing business competition, many c....

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