What is Next Available Agent?

Call centres hire numerous agents to avoid call abandonment and to answer customer queries with adequate answers on time. However, when there is an overflow of work tasks, and when most agents are busy attending repetitive calls, the extra calls are transferred to the next available agent. This agent is knowledgeable and receives calls as per the query type. The calls are forwarded accordingly to the expert who can handle it proficiently.


How do Multilingual Call Centres help Global Brands?

At the present time, every company wants to establish its business in the global market as that’s how mammoth profit levels can be secured. However, handling customers globally isn&rsquo....

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Pros and Cons of Outsourced Call Centre Services!

<p>Which is correct, to outsource or not to outsource? This is the most frequently asked question by several businesses even today! Although, with increasing business competition, many c....

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